Our Vision

When we decided to found Sim-patia, we did so convinced of a principle, a "guiding idea," the result of first-hand experiences and encounters with people endowed with great courage and strength: anyone, any physically disabled person, however serious, has even minimal skills that can allow them to live with dignity.

For this reason, it is essential to seek and enhance those skills with all efforts, working on listening and supporting the person in building a life project.

Our Mission

The task we have undertaken is to provide hospitality and assistance in various forms to people with serious or very serious physical disabilities in a context in which it is possible to live peacefully, to be recognized for what one has and not for what one is deprived of, and where there are stimuli and help to recover, as far as possible, one's autonomy by leveraging and putting one's self-determination into play.

We believe that this way of working must become part of common sense, and therefore we promote the diffusion of a culture that goes beyond the logic of welfarism and instead hinges on the person's willingness to participate by taking an active role in both family and social life.