Sim-patia deals with serious and very serious acquired motor disabilities following a traumatic event (accidents, degenerative diseases, strokes, bleeding, etc.).
Mental and psychiatric disabilities are not admitted unless they result from organic trauma.

Sim-patia welcomes people, both in residential and daycare settings, from 18 to 65 years old, based on regional accreditation.
Private services, on the other hand, have no age limit.

Sim-patia manages a Residence with 28 beds, a Daycare Center with 18 places, 3 gym apartments for housing autonomy for 6 beds, 13 Co-housing apartments, a research center and technological pole aimed at aids for autonomy, a physiotherapy center, and a therapeutic pool.

Sim-patia provides for a regional fee and a hotel fee to be paid by the family and/or by the Municipality of Residence.
The hotel fee for the Healthcare Residence is €93.36 per day, including VAT.
The hotel fee for the Daycare Center is €40.50 per day, including VAT.

Sim-patia deals with working on residual post-trauma skills based on targeted assessments in both the cognitive and motor fields.
Central is the concept of Autonomy, according to which each guest is encouraged to maintain or enhance the maximum possible autonomy, starting from the situation in which he finds himself.


Consultations carried out in SIM-PATIA (therefore in Valmorea) cost €50 + VAT. External consulting costs €60 + VAT, plus the cost of transport (and any food and accommodation in the case of more than one day).

We offer counseling in the technological field for all people with frailty (elderly, disabled, children, etc.). We specialize in counseling adults with serious or very serious motor disabilities.

Anything technological that can be useful to the person in the field of assistive technology.

Yes, for a fee. Each loan is calculated on the basis of the days of use and is usually agreed upon together.

VAT is 22%, while the reduced VAT (both for aid and consultancy) is 5%. Adequate documentation certifying the disability of the person requesting the counseling service must be presented.

Yes, if we are unable to satisfy requests, we have a network of entities that can provide better support than our offer and expertise.

Yes, since 2020, we have offered experimental courses (for a fee) on the use of technologies for people with disabilities. The courses are open to all those who live in contact with people with disabilities, whether in the private or professional field.


Motorly disabled people, even with limited motor skills, who have retained the functional cognitive skills to trigger the alarm systems, in case of emergencies and in the absence of operators.
A fundamental requirement is the desire to try a path of autonomy.
In order to be able to stay in an apartment, the disabled person must not need assistance (mobilization, hygiene practices) at night, as the operators are absent.

The guest will be equipped with an alarm system that will activate the call to the available operator, who will intervene within 30 minutes of receiving the call.

The fee is formulated on the basis of the individualized project of the guest, their needs, and the assessment of the care they need.


No, it is also open to private individuals or other centers.

Those interested in participating in the "beach project" must not have the need for mobilization or other hygienic-sanitary practices during the night.

The fee includes everything related to the assistance of the guest, the food, the lodging, and the leisure and recreational activities provided by the village. The weekly fee of the guest also includes that of the companion, who will be dedicated to them for the whole week.


No, they are paid services. To find out the costs, contact the secretariat or Monica.

Outcomes of cranial trauma, neurological and orthopedic pathologies, motor and learning disorders, autism, and psychomotor retardation.