Daycare Center

The Disabled Daycare Center (CDD) of Sim-patia is aimed at adults who, due to physical disabilities, have difficulties in autonomy and self-sufficiency and who:

a) are unable to have family assistance during the day;

b) need specific therapeutic interventions;

c) wish to evaluate their residual abilities, in order to reprogram an independent life at home, also with the support of technology.

The Daycare Center aims to contribute to the best valorization of residual capacities by stimulating autonomy, communication, and the learning of new functions.

Interventions are planned inside the Center

– both of rehabilitation: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, cognitive rehabilitation

– and of occupational nature: with activities designed and calibrated by combining the therapeutic objective with the interest of the person.

It has comfortable rooms and shares a living room, a restaurant, a gym, a therapeutic pool, a technological area, multifunctional rooms, and a large garden with the Disabled Healthcare Residence (RSD).

The CDD has obtained authorization to operate and accreditation from the Lombardy Region. It is in possession of the Quality Certification.

The Disabled Daycare Center is open 47 weeks a year:

 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The center is open in the logic of collaboration with families and the maximum possible integration with the territory, to which it directs the services it provides.

In order to favor homogeneous interventions, written protocols exist within the center that guarantee the correct execution of the activated interventions. The existence of codified procedures is a guarantee of the controllability of the system.