Housing technologies

The technological pole for the development of technologies for autonomous and independent living designs and tests aids that have the purpose of allowing people with motor limitations to live as autonomously as possible inside their own homes.


Today, it is increasingly possible to manage the house partially or completely autonomously in many aspects. In this area, research runs fast, and solutions are constantly evolving. This is why, over the years, SIM-PATIA has invested a lot of energy to develop know-how and skills and to launch even experimental projects.

For example, the one in collaboration with the Lombardy Region and with the competent territorial services, consisting of "gym" apartments based on solutions to accompany independence.

In any case, we report below some of the solutions identified that are most often adopted by people who come into contact with the Technological Pole of Sim-patia. They are often integrated solutions with the solutions listed in the Communication Technologies section:


IT for the home (domus).
It allows you to manage the house partially or completely independently: automatic opening of doors and windows, lighting management, heating system control, use of household appliances, alarm systems, etc. The devices are customizable and can also be used with remote controls or smartphones placed on the wheelchair.


Mixed systems for the care and safety of people at home.
Through a audio and video system that can be activated by the person requesting assistance, it is possible to guarantee a "remote" presence on the part of the operator. It is possible to remotely evaluate, by moving the cameras, the state of emergency. It is useful for the operator and reassuring for the person in difficulty. Ground drones are also used for a better view of the situation.


It allows you to manage any elevator without using your hands. Sim-patia patent.
It is an accessibility kit that can be added to any elevator. Main features:
– Call of the elevator via pressure plate.
– Visualization of floors with acoustic cues for blind people.
– Selection of floors via large buttons or by means of an infrared remote control.
Useful for everyone, with or without a disability.


Feeder, used to take food hands-free.
It works automatically (without buttons) or via sensors that can be activated with fingers, feet, or hands. The rotation speed of the spoon can be adjusted according to the time needed to enjoy foods of all kinds. Useful for the assisted person and for the person who assists (who, in the meantime, can devote themselves to their own food).