SIM-PATIA is a Social Cooperative for the disabled based in Valmorea in the province of Como that develops activities on several fronts for the seriously disabled, including a Disabled Healthcare Residence (RSD), a Disabled Daycare Center (CDD), a technology center for the development of technologies for the disabled, and cohousing projects for the frail and/or disabled.

It is comprised of over 40 members. It is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, which defines the strategies underlying the provision of statutory services. The Management avails itself of Area Coordinators supervised by a General Coordinator. 54 employees and 17 professionals work at the facility, including professional figures such as professional educators, nurses, social welfare workers, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, engineers, IT technicians, administrative staff, and general service workers. Health Management is entrusted to a Doctor. Consultants for physiatric, speech therapy, and neuropsychological evaluations are activated as needed. To favor homogeneous interventions, protocols have been defined in order to guarantee codified and certified procedures and their monitoring.

Sim-patia is a type A Social Cooperative, ONLUS by right, registered in the Lombardy Region Register of Social Cooperatives, Section A Sheet 95 n.189, Coop Register. Prevailing mutuality: A104351, REA 218824. It is accredited by the Lombardy Region for Social-welfare Services for people with severe disabilities.

It has had its own Quality Control System since December 2005, when it obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, for “Design, management, and provision of assistance, health, and psycho-social educational services, aimed at adults with severe physical disabilities.” Furthermore, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001, it has adopted the Organizational Model, the Code of Ethics, and appointed the Supervisory Body available on this site. 


On February 23, 1989, a group of friends decided to found a cooperative with the aim of offering a place to stay for adults with very serious disabilities and, at the same time, a period of relief for their families.

In 1990, thanks also to the fundraising promoted by the newspaper La Provincia di Como, a former hotel/disco called Simpathy was purchased in Valmorea, from which the name SIM-PATIA would derive. Subsequently, the objectives of the initiative are brought into greater focus, and the project accesses an important loan from the Lombardy Region (FRISL), which allows it to expand the spaces in order to correspond to the parameters of the regional socio-health plan and obtain accreditation.

The inauguration took place on September 20, 1999, with the launch of the assisted living service. In 2004, the second extension was completed, which includes the daycare service, the area dedicated to physiotherapy, the new canteen and kitchen, and the therapeutic swimming pool.

A significant investment made possible by generous contributions from private individuals including I Pivej del '39 and Amici di Sim-patia, Lyons, Soroptimist, Rotary, Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione de Orchi, Fondazione del Banco del Monte della Lombardia, and other bodies and associations.

In the same year, the Technological Pole is born with the aim of studying and creating technological aids to overcome or mitigate the limits to autonomy. For 2013, the Pole is a Territorial Center for Autonomous and Independent Life on mandate and in agreement with the Lombardy Region.

Board of Directors:

Missaglia Irma: President and Legal Representative

Tagliabue Francesco: Vice president
Boselli Elena: Director
Perlasca Renato: Director
Lurati Stefano: Director
Perlasca Nicoletta: Director
Mondelli Massimiliano: Director
Visconti Carlo: Director
Fumagalli Barbara: Director


Saibene Gerolamo

The Board of Statutory Auditors of SIM-PATIA

Bordoli Emilio: Chairman of the board of statutory auditors
Sarotti Giacomo: Statutory Auditor
Tolentino Alberto: Statutory Auditor
Manciocchi Sara: Substitute Auditor
Ricchiuto Gianluigi: Substitute Auditor


Director and General Coordinator
Team Coordinator
Professional Nurses
Motor rehabilitation therapists and hydrotherapists
Professional educators
Computer engineers and technicians
Social health workers (OSS)
Administrative staff
Staff for general services
Swimming pool staff

Sim-patia also makes use of consultants for physiatric, speech therapy, and neuropsychological evaluations.