Healthcare Residence

The Disabled HEALTHCARE RESIDENCE (RSD) of Sim-patia is an assisted residence dedicated to adults who, due to serious physical disabilities, have significant limits to their autonomy and therefore require assistance. In particular, it is equipped to provide an adequate response to people who:

a) need specific therapeutic and assistance supports;
b) are unable to receive adequate assistance from the family;
c) wish to evaluate and experiment with a project for the recovery of possible autonomy and reprogram solutions for an independent life, also through the support of technologies;
d) need to leave their home for short periods due to particular emergencies or to give relief to family members.

It aims to create the conditions in which each guest can live peacefully and recover, as far as possible, their autonomy, accepting the idea that a change in one's physical condition does not prejudge the possibility of being the protagonist of one's own life.


Hospitality can be permanent or temporary:

Permanent hospitality: aimed at people who cannot be assisted at home either due to the fragility of the family situation or the seriousness of the related pathologies. The user is welcomed to the residential center and uses the specific and general services provided by the individual project defined by the multidisciplinary team.

Temporary hospitality: provides assistance and care for a temporary period, at the end of which follows the return home or the transition to a more independent living context (independent apartments or co-housing).

The staff works as a team to achieve the defined objectives. The latter, in compliance with the roles of the various professional figures and through periodic meetings, formulates individualized projects, checks their progress, and proceeds with the appropriate updates according to the changes that become necessary.

The Individualized Project (P.I.), the Care Plan (P.A.I.) and the Education Plan (PEI) are the documentary tools prepared for each guest.