technologies for mobility

The technological pole for the development of technologies for autonomous and independent living designs and tests aids that have the purpose of allowing mobility even for people with motor limitations.

The aids developed in recent years for mobility have allowed people with serious or very serious motor limitations to be able to decide where to go and do it independently, on an electric wheelchair, with aids for walking, and with appropriate devices to improve visual and auditory perception of the surrounding environment. Here are some examples.

Electric wheelchair

A wheelchair with an electric motor that can be managed in various ways, including the use of joysticks with commands to be used with the chin, with a finger, with a movement of the head, etc.
The control system is, therefore, fully customizable.

carrozzina elettrica


Indispensable aid for moving the person safely and effortlessly.
In the bed, in the pool, in the wheelchair, etc. The operator can work easily and effortlessly. Available in various shapes (wall-mounted, floor-mounted, transportable).