We believe it is essential and responsible to remain open to meetings, exchanges of ideas and experiences, and partnerships in order to bring about innovations not only in the services we provide but also in the methods of their delivery.

We know, because we have lived it, that the best ideas are always generated by meeting other realities and people.
We have therefore promoted collaborations and partnerships with national and international companies over the years, an approach that has allowed us to understand what is happening in this area outside our country and to compare our vision and the solutions we have adopted with other operators in the sector.


2007: USA, LOS ANGELES: Conference on Cyberlink
2008: SOUTH AFRICA, EGYPT, JOHANNESBURG, CAIRO: ITU conference and presentation of technological aids
2011: USA, WASHINGTON, and ATLANTA: Conference on G3ICT assistive technology
2012: IRELAND, DUBLIN: International certification training course
2013: RUSSIA, MOSCOW: Support for work on disability
2014: PORTUGAL, PORTO: Consulting and training
2015: GREECE, PATRAS: Consulting and training
2016: UKRAINE, KHARKIV: Consulting and training


The center has collaborated with various hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and universities. Among which:

Spazio Vita Niguarda – social cooperative, at the Spinal Unit of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan
Azienda Sociale del Cremonese, Instrumental Body for the Social Policies of the local authorities of the Territorial Area of Cremona
Centro Don Orione, Bergamo
Brescia Solidarity Foundation, Brescia
ICS Maugeri di Pavia
Politecnico of Milan