Technological pole and research center

We live in an era in which the development of technological innovation proceeds very quickly and produces multiple solutions, even in the areas we deal with.

For this reason, we have set up a technological pole and a research center for the design and experimentation of technologies for autonomous and independent living.
The goal is to collect, experiment, adapt, and personalize the innovations that are produced around the world that can benefit people who experience serious limitations to their motor autonomy.

The services and activities of the Technological Pole are accessible to guests of Sim-patia and to external subjects, as well as operators in the social-health and welfare sectors, local public bodies, schools, and private social organizations.

Through customized solutions, we can offer a significant increase in autonomy and an improvement in the quality of life by facilitating mobility, communication, and other everyday actions (eating, drinking, working, enjoying one's free time, etc.). 

In collaboration with the Lombardy Region and the competent territorial services, we have launched experimental projects for the development of technologies in protected apartments.

The Technological Pole has developed collaborations with various rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and universities, including: 

  • Spazio Vita Niguarda – social cooperative, at the Spinal Unit of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan
  • Azienda Sociale del Cremonese, Instrumental Body for the Social Policies of the Local Authorities of the Territorial Area of Cremona
  • Centro Don Orione, Bergamo
  • Brescia Solidarity Foundation, Brescia
  • ICS Maugeri of Pavia
  • Politecnico of Milan


The Technological Pole offers its services to:

  • Guests of the facility (RSD and CDD)
  • External disabled people
  • Relatives, friends, and assistants who support the disabled person in daily life
  • Professional operators in the sector and special needs teachers
  • Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and the like
  • Territorial public bodies for Personal Services and Employment Services
  • Associations and entities in the private social sector that deal with disabilities in various ways


The types of services and activities carried out are many:

  • information and guidance
  • qualified technical counseling and personalized evaluations
  • research and development of technological solutions and innovative aids for the disabled
  • training and dissemination of knowledge.


A multi-professional team operates in the Technological Pole: the joint and synergistic work between different professionals allows for a better definition of objectives and possible solutions, also in relation to the wishes and effective potential of the person.
The professional figures operating in the Technological Pole discuss the following aspects with the guest or customer case manager: 

  • analysis and assessment of the need (involving the necessary reference figures of the user)
  • mobility
  • communication
  • socio-employment integration
  • monitoring and supervision at the user's home and possibly (where required or necessary) at the workplace
  • identification of existing aids and their adaptation
  • design of new aids or innovative solutions
  • technical counseling for the adaptation of living environments