SIM-PATIA proposes, where there is a request and the possibility of living in autonomous housing, ad hoc courses in apartments equipped with the aim of re-training the person for an independent life, starting from the situation in which the disabled persons find themselves.

The levels of assistance must be proportionate to concrete needs. Those who suffer from severe limitations still want to reside in their own homes to live a normal life.
To achieve this objective, a period of training is sometimes necessary, and this is why Sim-patia has "gym" apartments in which to create a path of approach to the conditions of housing autonomy.
The home must be adapted to new needs with the elimination of architectural barriers, the inclusion of domotic solutions, ad hoc furnishings, and the availability of tools to make the still-necessary assistance easier.

We have accumulated experience and know-how that allows us to offer effective counseling, and we are able to activate specialized technical counseling for each problem.