The body speaks, tells, shows. One's identity passes through the body. The body is also the intimate space of a contact with ourselves. For about four years at our facility we have wanted to reintroduce guests to a particular theater workshop, focused on body and emotional expression.

An activity that takes place in a group because the group is always a mirror that allows expression, but always with a specific eye on individuality. It is an experience intended to explore the possibilities of experiencing the body as a means of expression and communication. The whole body. “We all have the possibility to tell a story through our bodies, the important thing is not to be performative, but expressive,” emphasizes the team behind this activity.

This project has a very strong and particular resonance with the experiences of the guests of Sim-patia. At Sim-patia, new guests arrive for a journey toward possible autonomy that inevitably passes through seeing themselves in a changed body.

A moment in which the staging of one's experiences and of one's emotions through the body becomes an experience of communication and expressiveness towards others and towards oneself. All these elements highlighted explain why, for years, this workshop has seen constant and intense participation, demonstrating how expressing oneself is important and responds to a vital need for everyone.