The search for spaces of autonomy has always been the goal that has guided the choices and projects developed by Sim-patia. This is why we have called a series of consultations and services “consultations for autonomy,” and it is from these premises that over the years we have chosen to develop more and more projects related to residences and cohousing. Moreover, networking, comparing ourselves with other realities that deal with disabilities, sharing our experience with that of others has always been a style that has characterized this organization.

It is with this spirit that we chose to participate in the conference dedicated to the theme of autonomy in health care residences that took place on Saturday, April 6, 2024, in Bresso. The conference was organized by Health Care Residences and Families of People with Disabilities.

The meeting allowed us to participate in a lively discussion on what model is desirable to adopt within RSDs.

The intervention of Irma Missaglia, President of Sim-Patia, emphasized the need to move from operational models based on and designed from welfarism towards projects focused on the creation of spaces of autonomy, which is always possible. A speech that highlighted how we want and try to work in Sim-patia.

The meeting was well attended. In continuity, Bresso facilities will commit to visiting Sim-patia to assess whether there will be spaces for transferring the model, in accompaniment with advice from our organization.

“Anyone, any physically disabled person, however severe, possesses even minimal abilities that can enable them to live with dignity.” This phrase well describes the vision of this organization, and bringing this outlook and the experiences gained over the years remains one of the most important goals for us.